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ASPHER Newsletter - Autumn 2016
6 Nov 2016

Dear ASPHER Members,

This year we celebrate 50 years of working together - a good moment to look back at everything we have accomplished. ASPHER and ASPHER members are involved in a manifold of successful and exciting activities and we want to make these accomplishments more visible to all members of our community. In order to enhance the communication from the Secretariat to the members as well as among ASPHER members, we have put together this newsletter for you. As such, it does not want to repeat what other organisations say in their own newsletters. Rather, it is a platform to disseminate information and a tool at your full disposal to engage with other members. By ASPHER, for ASPHER.

Indeed, ASPHER takes pride in drawing its strength from its members. The continuously growing membership network of committed members, with their staff and infrastructure, is the insignia and driving force of our vibrant Association.

This newsletter also reflects the renewed member-centered approach of ASPHER, fully aligned with the Association's Strategic Agenda (ASPHER 2020) and the recently adopted new membership policy. We are happy that these new developments follow together with the appropriate measures taken towards strengthening the capacity of the Secretariat. In this vein, we would like to officially welcome Fèlix Ruiz Cabré (felix.ruiz.cabre@aspher.org) - newly appointed Membership and Partnerships Lead of ASPHER - who joined the ASPHER team last March and is at your disposal for any questions that you may have, also concerning the newsletter.

In addition to the news and information from both ASPHER and ASPHER members, please pay close attention to the sections in the table of contents that include the text "your action required" in red - these concern you especially as registrations for projects/events, calls for contributions, consultations, etc. will be done via those entries.

The ASPHER newsletter will be sent seasonally. As mentioned during previous months, this project can only succeed if you, ASPHER members, make use of it, engage, and contribute accordingly to its development. We look forward to hearing your opinion about this issue and to make the next editions a useful tool and communication platform to the entire ASPHER community.

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With very best wishes,

Jacqueline Müller-Nordhorn, ASPHER President 
Robert Otok, ASPHER Director

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