Dedicated to strengthening the role of public health
by improving education and training
of public health professionals
for both practice and research
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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER)

ASPHER is the key independent European organisation dedicated to strengthening the role of public health by improving education and training of public health professionals for both practice and research.
  • Call for ASPHER AWARD Nominations

    Send us nomination/s for the following awards by Monday 5 September to

    Andrija Štampar Medal recognizing outstanding lifetime achievements in public health.

    ASPHER Teaching & Practice Excellence Award recognizing outstanding achievements in public health teaching and practice of a School or Programme of Public Health.

    ASPHER Research Excellence Award recognizing outstanding achievements in public health research. 

    ASPHER Early Career Excellence Award recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of teaching, research, or practice of early career individuals. 

    Download the call for awards here.

  • Survey: Diversity and Intersectionality in Public Health Education

    We are delighted to invite you to participate in an online survey about your perceptions of and experiences with diversity and intersectionality in public health education

    We are interested in the experiences and perceptions on this topic. The study population includes people who actively engage in public health education.

    The survey will remain open until 29 July 2022.

    Learn more here.

    Take the survey here.

  • ASPHER Climate and Health Actions

    The FINAL Joint Statement by the ASPHER led EU Health Policy Platform’s thematic network on “Climate action through public health education and training” is now available for download.

    Continue to stay updated through the EU Health Policy Platform! where the thematic network has shifted to an Exchange Network.

    ASPHER Climate-Health Networking in person Event (July 7th from 17.00-21.00 CEST, Brussels). Please RSVP here by Friday 1 July!

    Don't miss the ASPHER Climate and Health Competencies for Public Health Professionals in Europe to support public health schools to implement education and training for public health professionals in the area of climate and health.

  • ASPHER statement on the war against Ukraine

    In response to the war in Ukraine, ASPHER has convened a Task Force on War

    The Task Force has published a Roadmap to Developing ASPHER Technical Guidance Notes on War and HealthThe overall aim of this document is to outline a roadmap leading to the development of a series of technical guidance notes to inform the response of the ASPHER community to the Russian war on Ukraine. 

    ASPHER has released a statement on the role of Europe’s Schools of Public Health in times of war. The published version is available here. (Translated versions are available here)

  • Professionalization Road Map

    Road Map to Professionalizing the Public Health Workforce

    ASPHER and WHO have launched the Road Map to Professionalizing the Public Health Workforce. This Road Map offers pragmatic recommendations for action to professionalize the public health workforce as a response to growing public health needs; it puts forward levers that can be engaged to do so. It embraces, by necessity, a cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary approach that provides clarity about the scope and the specific competencies required, identifies key action areas for professionals and identifies the roles of the various actors.

    Learn more and download the Road Map here.

    Watch the launch webinar recording here!

    The Roadmap works in synergy with the WHO-ASPHER Competency Framework for the Public Health Workforce, part of the ongoing ASPHER Programme for Public Health Competencies 

  • Declaration: Global governance for health

    Global Network for Academic Health Declaration:

    Global governance for improved human, animal, and planetary health: the essential role of schools and programs of public health

    Schools and programs of public health have a crucial role in the current pandemic and in developing standards and competence for better public health as well as the public health knowledge and skills shown by the pandemic to be in need of massive expansion.

    We hope our member schools and programs of public health will use the declaration in their evidence to national governments, and health and education ministries, to make the case for enhanced public health education. 

    Download the Declaration here.

  • ASPHER COVID-19 Task Force

    ASPHER has an active Covid-19 Task Force made up of international experts who are actively engaged with responding to the most current public health challenges from the pandemic. 

    We invite you to check back to the Task Force webpage regularly for updates as well as a weekly European situation report

    All ASPHER Members are welcome to join the Task Force which meets weekly. Let us know if a representative from your programme would like to get involved.



    FOR SCHOOLS OF PUBLIC HEALTH: This site will facilitate your becoming part of a vibrant, dynamic community of schools of public health. Share best practices and learn from one another.

    FOR PROSPECTIVE AND CURRENT STUDENTS: Here you can learn about and compare different offers from schools of public health. Assess and map out your prospects for career development.

    FOR ALUMNI AND ALL PUBLIC HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Here you can obtain career guidance and learn about continuing professional development opportunities in the public health arena.

    FOR PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM PLANNERS: Find resources on the public health workforce development. Review and compare school profiles, public health education and training schemes in Europe.

    DOWNLOAD the ASPHER 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

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