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Publication date: 19.11.2019
Author: Sofia Public Health

The participants were more than 150 students in specialties: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Health care from the different faculties. The Round table started with Official opening speeches followed by lectures by the teachers from the Faculty of Public Health on the topics:

  • Ethics, Bioethics and Health Policy – Lecturer: Assoc. prof. Al. Vodenitcharova,PhD
  • Sustainable development goals as an innovative approach to improving global health –Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Angelika Velkova,PhD
  • Health insurance- Lecturer : Prof. Antoniya Yanakieva,PhD;Chief. Ass. Svetlin Georgiev
  • Digital approaches in the Public Health -Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Karolina Luybomirova,PhD

During the second part of the event the students were divided in groups according to the topics above. Each group had the task to solve different case-studies guided by moderators. The case studies were on the following topics:

  1. Health literacy in the context of health education - developing a health education program on a specific topic for preschool children and students. Moderator: Assoc. prof. Dr. Peshka Pesheva
  2. Conformity of the health model in Bulgaria to the health needs of the population - assessment of the adequacy of the existing health model and proposals for improving the situation. Moderator: Assoc. prof. Dr. Nikolai Hristov
  3. Digital approaches to controlling socially significant diseases – Moderator: Assoc. prof. Todor Kundurdzhiev
  4. Medical ethics,Bioethics and Health policy Moderator: Prof. Dr. Sashka Popova

After presenting the case-studies an interesting discussion between students and teachers followed. In conclusion, the teachers presented to the future medical professionals the cases they will encounter in their everyday practice. Each student group presented the solution to their case study excellent but they also learned that it cannot be always said that one case has exactly one solution.

During the closing ceremony each student received a Certificate for their active participation in the event.

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