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Athens ASPHER Celebration, 25-27 May, 2016 - BLOG 1

Publication date: 18.12.2015
Author: Jeffrey Levett

Dear ASPHER Members, Colleagues and Fellow Ramblers,

Let me again thank each and every one of you personally for your support to return ASPHER and its General Assembly [GA] to Athens in 2016, first time since 1992.  In 1992, the GA came at a time of crisis in ASPHER; in 2016 it comes at a time of crisis for Greece. 

Nevertheless, as in 1992 so in 2015-16 the School is doing it’s utmost to make ASPHER'S CELEBRATION a glorious success. A moment in time that marks the passage of a half century of achievement is a generator of creative momentum and confers an aura of celebration. This is catching, in Athens! The momentum dear members of ASPHER can be speeded up by your continuing suggestions and contributions.

Athens moves forward under the able direction of Elpida Pavi, guided by Dean Vatopoulos and the Governing Council of the School. Preparations are well underway. Constructive oversight comes from ASPHER and effective working arrangements are in place. Meetings have been conducted in Brussels and Milan. Our new President, Jaqueline Müller-Nordhorn has conducted a most useful site visit to Athens. A face to face meeting between the Executive Board and School is planned, early 2016.

The Programme is taking shape, keynotes have been cemented and the Acropolis Museum is on stand by. Some highlights will include ASPHER’S role in the name of sustainability and the preparedness of our schools, a book on case studies will be presented and decision makers will chat in a reflective mood while ASPHER’s inner reflectors will be beaming.  Plans for ASPHER action and its strategic objectives will be reviewd. AND MUCH MORE! Including an intriguing interactive session “I am public health”. Ich bin… nous sommes la santé publique. All together we are the health of the public, now and in the future. Geia Sas!

ASPHER and its HONORS COMMITTEE are pushing for a venue with the European Parliament and if you have ways to facilitate this, please make it known to Robert Otok. Your voice in Athens from Omega to Alpha must be heard. It will be followed by B and the kickoff to ASPHER’s 2nd 50 years. It is not too early to think of C!

We are also contemplating an Athens-ASPHER statement. Under the circumstance we cannot call it a memorandum. Again please input your ideas.

Best and warm Wishes for the Coming up Christmas, 2015

Jeffrey Levett

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