Dedicated to strengthening the role of public health
by improving education and training
of public health professionals
for both practice and research
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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER)

ASPHER is the key independent European organisation dedicated to strengthening the role of public health by improving education and training of public health professionals for both practice and research.
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18 May 2022
War in Ukraine and Public Health 
Friday 20 May, 09h00 until 15h30, Gdansk and Zoom
The Medical University of Gdansk and ASPHER will hold a special meeting on the War in Ukraine and Public Health. Speakers include university colleagues from...
18 May 2022
War in Europe was widely perceived as a problem of the past. Consequently, European Schools Public Health have taught little about war and its consequences for population health. This has changed with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the accompanying...
11 May 2022
ASPHER included diversity competence as one of the elements of the ASPHER 2025 strategy, endorsing the need of bringing diversity more into the focus of public health education and training. Over the past 2 years, a working group consisting of senior...

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ASPHER April-May 2021 Newsletter2.7 MB 19.05.2021
ASPHER August 2020 Newsletter2.1 MB 05.08.2020
ASPHER Autumn 2018 Newsletter

We are pleased to bring you ASPHER's news from end of summer and autumn 2018.

1.3 MB 12.11.2018
ASPHER Autumn 2019 Newsletter

ASPHER's Autumn 2019 Newsletter with EPH Conference Marseille highlight events.

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ASPHER December 2020 Newsletter1.3 MB 22.12.2020
ASPHER January-February 2021 Newsletter1.3 MB 19.02.2021
ASPHER July 2020 Newsletter1.1 MB 02.07.2020
ASPHER June 2020 Newsletter2.7 MB 04.06.2020
ASPHER June 2021 Newsletter4.3 MB 30.06.2021
ASPHER March 2021 Newsletter1.8 MB 02.04.2021
ASPHER November 2020 Newsletter1.5 MB 17.11.2020
ASPHER October 2020 Newsletter4.6 MB 12.10.2020
ASPHER October-November 2021 Newsletter3.2 MB 23.11.2021
ASPHER September 2020 Newsletter1.4 MB 09.09.2020
ASPHER September 2021 Newsletter3.8 MB 26.09.2021
ASPHER Spring 2020 Newsletter1016.7 KB 01.05.2020
ASPHER Spring-Summer 2019 Newsletter

ASPHER brings you all the news from the 2019 Deans' and Directors' Retreat in Erice, Sicily plus so much more!

2.4 MB 16.07.2019
ASPHER Winter 2019 Newsletter

ASPHER's news from the Winter Season 2018-2019

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ASPHER Winter 2020 Newsletter

ASPHER's Winter 2020 Newsletter

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ASPHER_Newsletter_Dec_20213.8 MB 23.12.2021

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